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{ Marvellous Marigold} : Your Neighbourhood Gift Shop

Recently I had the immense pleasure of working on the branding of a lovely little gift shop, just off Kloof Street on De Lorentz Street.Stefan Blom and Dagmar Pagel are the geniuses behind this gorgeous, bright and inviting shop. It's lumo yellow perspex and orange door draw your eye and curiousity and the inside truly doesn't disappoint... Filled with fabulous ceramics, glassware, wrapping paper, stationery, body products (including amazing Salt Scrubs) as well as honouring some of SA's best local artists such as Nicole Vinokour and Alta Stegmann, filling the shelves with an array of stunning wares and gift choices aplenty.

Stefan has an incredible eye for things that are not just unique and often funky, but each like a small work of art, all on its own. The back room can be seen from the doorway, red and lit up with a shrine of beautiful things.

It really is awesome seeing your designs put to use! I was honoured to produce the corporate identity for this fantastic brand and Stefan always know exactly what he wants so that it all works together perfectly. I must mention that it's super reasonable so you can pop in on your way to a dinner party and buy a lovely little something to thank your host!

If you're even half as obsessed with pretty things as me... get to Marigold asap! :)

I Lurve Letterpress

No longer associated with ze olden times, this amazing form of printing is still used today and while the designs are much more daring and modern, the method is pretty much the same. Artists who excel at Letterpress tend to be brilliant with typography as can be seen by the examples below:

Designer: Jason Gomez Printed by Swash Press

Letterpress designs range from the elegant detail as seen below...


to clean, simple prints which are accentuated by the indents and embossing created by the pressure of the plate.

Letterpress Delicacies

This one made me smile... :)


Alee and Press

Maginating Design,

In her usual impeccable style we have *drum rooolll* Jessica Hische:

This amazing poster by Cameron Moll took him over 100 hours!

All this beauty comes from beautiful craftsmanship :

I'm dying to learn how to do it! Watch this space! Thanks to

The beginning of my speel of work :)

SAPPI ‘Ideas that Matter’ is a competition that required us to choose a local NGO and, using only SAPPI paper products, find a creative solution to a problem the NGO was experiencing. We chose LEAP Science and Maths School, a school desperately short of computers.We noticed that most companies update and replace their computers quite regularly. Our concept involves delivering empty computer boxes to these companies and encouraging them to put their old computers into the boxes. The computers would be collected and taken to where they would really be needed.