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Appreciation Station {Photographer: Ditte Isager}

This Danish photographer has some great work and his style is described as "simple Nordic with inspiration coming from the light in Dutch masters, storytelling and effects from motion pictures and the style, character and layers of New York." The rich, interesting photographs each tell a story in such clear terms... but with an air of mystery created in various ways, from the position of random objects, to the tilt of a face away from the camera.... the way it seems as if he stepped into a scene, interrupted the goings on and took the picture that instant.

This photo is what drew me to his site in the first place, done for Bloomingdales USA and so fairytale-esq

I'm not sure if he does all the styling but it truly is awesome...

For more see his website

Quirky Photographer: Rodney Smith

These cool, old-fashioned, quirky photos each have a great twist which I love.

He studied at Yale and has his work shown in many galleries world wide. He also has numerous books of his work, the latest called "The End".I also really like the typography of his website. Clean, classic and modern all at once.