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Florian Nicole

This illustrator's style is so so beautiful! It captures a depth and darkness in the portraits and the unfinished edges add mystery and modernity to the pieces. This makes me want to scan in my old drawings or paintings and make them awesome with Photoshop! It really is something that designers often forget: the power of hand illustration combined with computer technology. When done well, as in this case, it's stunning.

Check out more at his site, Florian Nicole. Over and out*


Appreciation Station: Olly Howe & Georgina Luck

I found these INCREDIBLE works of art on the Behance network. The first two are from Olly Lowe ( I am just loving his use of photoshop and mixed media!

The following are gorgeous pieces by a Miss. Georgina Luck, a designer/illustrator in Bristol, UK. She really has a way with watercolours and seeing this made me want to grab a brush and start painting again!! The use of black fine liner combined with the rich watercolour makes these seemingly day to day food accompaniments interesting and very, very cool.

The brands she draws are stereotypically British and recognizable to so many. Ah memories from Sunday nights in with the family, beans on toast and pancakes dripping with butter and syrup. You can see more of her great work at or check out her blog