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{To Inspire} 100 Layer Cake

Apologies for the MIA-ness, but my darling friend Lolly, got married here in Stellenbosch :) I was honoured to be one of her bridesmaids and share in her day, and what a day it was!! Anyway, I will do a post on that once the professional photos come out.But seeing my friend's gorgeous wedding; the dress, the decor, the setting, the flowers.. made me go back to a site that I have loved for years! It is fabulous for design inspiration! 100 Layer Cake. Their blog never disappoints. I adore the colours, photography and the fact that they cover an array of wedding styles and themes, thoroughly. From stop motion videos to stunning stationery.. it's a bride's happy place!

So here are some of my favourite images to illustrate how well they inspire their readers, display everything, and to send you to the blog to see more.

OK OK one more :)

So much of the prettiness!! blog And I hope Mr and Mrs.Robinson are enjoying their honeymoon!

Home Offices and Studios to Inspire

Having worked as a freelance graphic designer, I know how important it is to have a space in your home that is solely for work. You need to discipline yourself to concentrate on the task at hand, and if you have the kitchen sink on your left and a TV to your right, it's unlikely that you'll get very far before deciding that you absolutely HAVE to wash that dish, or watch "10 minutes" of that show with the monkey riding a pig.It needs to be an inspirational space, but not filled with so much "inspiration" that it becomes cluttered or diverts your attention every 5 minutes (old receipts do NOT count as inspirational). It needs to be clean, and organised... very organised, with everything you need to work effectively, close by. You need a comfy chair, a large desk at optimal height, and space to sketch or take notes on said desk. Lighting... lighting is also very important. As I type this, I am slowly realizing that

a) Duh. This stuff is probably not new information to any of you.. so I will stop rambling and get to the images. b) I have never created this kind of work environment for myself. hmmm. fail.

I know that very few of us have the luxury of having numerous spare rooms in our homes, but if I did convert a room into an office/studio, I'd like to think it would be along the same line as the awesome home offices below:







MINKPINK Spring 2010- I like!

One can never take for granted the effectiveness of Brand Personality. This can be seen in popular brands such as Nike, Virgin, Chanel and so forth.I love finding a brand that does this and today I'm sharing a few pictures from MINKPINK's look book- Spring 2010. An Australian based clothing range, they have pulled together the feminine, vintage look in a tousled, edgy way. The models don't look blank and uninterested and I just love the overall effect. Sorry I have been so MIA of late. Work-wise, as 'they' say, it doesn't rain.. it pours.


Yeah... and did I mention.. the clothes.. are the Hot. Ness. Enjoy


Stunning Vintage Feel Shoes: Chie Mihara

Wow. I adore these shoes!! On her website it says "We want to look feminine, beautiful, attractive but without giving up comfort". Drawing on vintage influences ranging from 1930s femininity to 1980s humor, she began taking details from the past and reworking them to reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion."She's so cool, down to earth and fun and makes sure her brand is too. Send some to SA pretty please Chie!

MMMM pretty! Check out her website: Chie Mihara