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Book buying FAIL

I'd like to introduce you all to my next read. Plus (cue excited squeals and drumroll) there is a little antic-dote about this book...

Whilst perusing the shelves of Cavendish Exclusive Books I saw "The Mitfords. Letters Between Six Sisters" in the biography section. After reading the synopsis I decided it was right up my alley: 2nd World War; relationships between six stylish, rebellious sisters expressed through letters. Only problem: the state of it. It wasn't overly tatty but looked like it had been picked up and put down 3 too many times. It looked like a 2nd hand book. And call me fussy and particular but I don't like spending money on something full price that that is technically second-hand.

SO I went to the Somerset West branch with the intention of buying another copy. Alas. Nothing. I asked at the counter only to be told that they could order a copy, but would call me the next day with details. The next morning, Chad called with the sad news that a newly ordered copy would take 6 to 8 weeks. BUT AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT! They had located one at the Cavendish Branch and that copy would be ready for my collection at the S West branch in 1 week..............

One word.