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Forever New Style
Forever New Style

This gorgeous Australian based store opened quite recently in Cape Town, at the Waterfront and Canal Walk. Without fail, I always find myself drawn to them. The luxurious, vintage style, cream stores.. lit up and set up so beautifully that you feel special just walking around. Admittedly the only thing I have ever bought there is a beanie as it is on the pricey side.. but the clothes and accessories are really stunning. Think pearls and feathers, blush tones, romance, florals and quality stitching and fabrics. So here is a style board with a few Forever New items to honour this brand :)

A Century of East London Style

Well it seems about time to move on from the travel theme I have followed of late.. But do not fear! I would like to share a little piece of awesome with you.It's a fantastic short film, created by the Viral Factory, to celebrate the opening of the new Westfield Stratford City ( a huuuge shopping centre). It is edited brilliantly, showing the fashion in East London over the last 100 years, in just 100 seconds! What better way to express this than through dance? So, the two dancers swing and jig and jam their way through the decades. Even the backgrounds are carefully considered and add to the feel of each stage, and the music really epitomizes the feel of each era too. It's so great! Did I gush enough yet? :) But seriously, I love history, and I love fashion so this really made my day.


Dark Horse Design has opened its doors to Cape Town!
Lise's sketches make for stunning interiors

It is my great pleasure to be one of the first to review this amazing new shop! I'm going to give you a taste of  some of the fantastic products and design, but more info will follow in the next few days.

For now, go to or visit them at 83 Kloof Nek Road,Tamboerskloof Cape Town, Western Cape

"Dark Horse is a new designer furniture and wholesome apparel store which offers something more than the usual fare. Easy comfort with a broad range of strong styles is evidenced throughout the gorgeous collection, which is aimed at anyone who appreciates original design that won’t break the budget." -John Scharges

Lise Du Plessis outside Dark Horse

Stylish and extremely functional

Every detail is hand-crafted and carefully considered

Lise's illustrations make for striking interiors

These cute necklaces make the perfect gift

Each product is accentuated by the rich, navy walls

Unique leather and silver bracelets

The awesome ZigZag Trolley

Gooorgeous aprons

  Quality Sketchbooks and Bags


Dark Horse will be holding their official opening on Wednesday the 8th June 2011.

Image of the Day: Fashion & Books

I just had to share this image. And the website I found it on is also very cool: bookshelfporn. Call me a nerd but I completely understand the need for such a site. There's something so appealing an attractive about bookshelves.. They appeal to the manic organized side of myself. The potential.. the endless stories... the covers... Yeah. *cough* I don't dress like this when I go shopping.. But perhaps I should. Hope you're all enjoying the World Cup! Have a happy day readers* via