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Baby Steps


Baby steps. People always say its the best way forward. I suppose it is really, as it allows you to really take in and appreciate everything on the way. I mean if you had a chance to visit something spectacular, say Victoria Falls for example... if you just took two steps out of your house and there it was, you would look at it for a while.. and be amazed, yes! But pretty quickly you'd get used to it and probably be searching for the next amazing thing, or worse.. just head back to square one/home again. However, if you had to trek up a hill, maybe camp for a couple of days, and ended up seeing some incredible scenery or random sights along the way, you would get so much more out of it.. and truly appreciate the end destination.

Anywho, the reason I am being so philosophical today is because my little sister, Tess, graduated with her BA Degree yesterday. I am so proud of her! All the reading, endless essays and research was worth it my steress!!

It's a time to reflect and check where you're at, both for the graduate and as their friends and relatives. She has one more year ahead at university with her end goal to be a teacher. (Again, proud.) So, she enjoyed the day, but said she knew it was a stepping stone.

Hence my thinking on those steps and how important they are.. whether it's working in a job you hate, interning, studying, wherever life takes you that isn't part of your plan, or just takes longer than you thought it would.. those things get you to where you need to be, with a far greater perspective and appreciation. In fact, just the other day, Tess said to me in the wise, calm way that only she can, "Don't be so busy worrying about the destination that you don't enjoy the ride." Sometimes I think she is the older sister :) Well Done Tess!