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{To Style} Winter Boots

Ah winter. Tis here. Tis cold. To be honest I there are a number of things i looove about Winter. The usual really; hot drinks, cuddles, great movies inside... and the clothes. Layers, scarves, and of course, boots!

(photo source unknown- if you know please drop me a line)

While wintery, drizzly weather isn't really conducive to shopping, we live in a world of convenience where our purchases can be delivered to our door. Sooo, I found some gorgeous ankle boots for you to peruse and potentially add to your winter wardrobe. I used to be wary of ankle boots, imagining them adding excess weight to that part of my body. But, funnily enough, the opposite is true. All you need is a bit of a heel, (on the boots, obviously) and to pair them with either tights or skinny jeans/pants and behold! A fashionista is born. A chunky scarf up top, or thick collared coat also balances out the outfit perfectly.

Daniella Michelle Julieta Ankle Boot Chetsnut R799  | Xti Ankle Boot Black R719 | Sissy Boy Ankle Boots Grey R 549 | Launch Brogue Ankle Boots Black R399 | Launch Wedge Lace-Up Fold-Over Boot Grey R399 | ZOOM Ankle Boots Phoenix Black R459

A Century of East London Style

Well it seems about time to move on from the travel theme I have followed of late.. But do not fear! I would like to share a little piece of awesome with you.It's a fantastic short film, created by the Viral Factory, to celebrate the opening of the new Westfield Stratford City ( a huuuge shopping centre). It is edited brilliantly, showing the fashion in East London over the last 100 years, in just 100 seconds! What better way to express this than through dance? So, the two dancers swing and jig and jam their way through the decades. Even the backgrounds are carefully considered and add to the feel of each stage, and the music really epitomizes the feel of each era too. It's so great! Did I gush enough yet? :) But seriously, I love history, and I love fashion so this really made my day.


Water For Elephants

Directed by Francis Lawrence, starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, this movie is touching, exciting and absolutely beautiful. The fact that the set is a circus in the 30s, during the depression, meant that the set and costume designers had a lot to work with, but a slight danger of the result being dull or lacking in glamour. Thankfully, this wasn't the case at all! Whilst still real and raw at times, it is visually stunning at every turn. It captures the torment and exhaustion of the animals and circus workers, and yet still maintains so much 'glitz' and beauty. The tension between the two main characters was also expressed so well, with both personalities far from simple... I felt that Reese was particularly strong in her role, reminding me of the success that was Walk the Line a few years ago.

If you are sensitive to animal cruelty, there are a couple of scenes where you will need to avert your eyes, but it is necessary to build the audience's hatred for the circus owner, who you may all remember from Inglorious Basterds. He too encompasses his role perfectly.


Vogue of course captured the movie so perfectly as you can see in the shoot they did with Reese:

If you haven't seen it yet, it's no longer out at the movies... So shame on you... But rent it as soon as you can. Magical.

Beauty in Black and White: Hepburn

When I think of a woman to epitomise the flattering quality of black and white photography, Audrey Hepburn comes to mind immediately. She has been a style icon for decades and her simple, chic, yet quirky look has been mimicked and published over and over. A common suggestion for a classic, yet effective, outfit is "The Little Black Dress". This began with Coco Chanel and Hepburn brought it back and made it her own! To carry on the black and white theme, I am sharing some of my favourite images of this fabulous actress. Enjoy*

Sex and the City { Style }

This is in anticipation of the latest movie to follow the ever successful series: Sex and the City 2! We are having a party on Saturday, getting dolled up, drinking cosmos and generally getting Carried away (ahem...cough) and then, watching the movie. Happiness is.

(sources from fashion pieces to follow),