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Simple comforts

While we are on the subject of food.. I have to say that there is something so very lovely about the simplicity, and comfort, in a good slice of toast, fresh butter melting into it and smeared with a good layer of raspberry jam. Mmm.BUT, let me not forget the ultimate companion... Tea. A strong cup of hot tea with milk and sugar. Perfect. All that is missing is that great book you can't get enough of, with ol Frank swooning away in the background, of or an old movie that you associate with your childhood. I'm thinking Now and Then, or Sound of Music :) I feel like I am definitely not alone in this love, and am not the first to say so.. but haaad to share it when I saw this pic. Lets all remember to be grateful for the small things. Hmm.. I may be feeling like this because I just re-listened to Steve Jobs's Stanford address. Happy weekend all* Over and out.


Tea in Paarl

Earlier this week I was treated to a day out in Paarl with my dear friend Candy. I was in awe of the lovely old buildings with even the residential areas maintaining the charm of this historical area. Visitors to Paarl can clearly see the French and Dutch elements in the architecture left over from the settlers. We had tea at a pretty hotel in town, Pontac Manor and I loved taking in the gardens and little touches in the furnishing which made it feel as if we were dining during a simpler time. I was so excited to find a secret garden type door to share with everyone... If you get a chance I highly recommend a trip. Its about an hour outside Cape Town but the drive is picturesque towards the end. Next time, I'm heading to Fairview Wine Estate to see the goats/goat tower. Over and out*