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An Exercise in Gratitude: Leah Dieterich

This blog is something different and special. I just love reading the quirky thank-you notes that Leah Dieterich posts everyday. It states on the blog that her mother always told her to write thank-you notes. So she does. To everything :)Its great, so check it out: THX and here are some of my favourites:

So cool!  I want to try....

Dear Thief Who Stole My Cellphone,

Thank-you for reminding me that I depend far too much on said phone and how being available 24/7 is highly overrated. I was also forced to let go of hundreds of old messages and numbers, and therefore have been given a clean slate of sorts. I hope that you didn't mind the quirks that came with my phone due to numerous drops, including one in a toilet a week before you stole it.

Enjoy! Stacey

:) Over and out*