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Cape Soccer Fever!

I know that I speak for most of South Africa when I say how fabulous and exciting it has been having the World Cup here. It has exceeded all my expectations! The vibe is awesome with people coming together from different countries, classes, defying any social limitations that seemed to exist before. You have to be here to feel the energy but I'll share some photos so you can get an idea of the fun we are lucky enough to be experiencing.

Loving Life!!!

Soccer World Cup Festivities {1st Day}

Friday was fantastic! The vibe was like nothing else I've ever experienced. Strangers dancing and singing together in the streets, vuvuzelas creating a bee-like buzz that could be heard wherever we went in Cape Town and everyone dressed up in SA flags and soccer gear from all classes and ages. We watched the opening ceremony at home then took the train to Long Street. The train ride was one of the highlights of our day with our group leading the entire carriage in song! It was such a uniting, fun ride and a great start to our world cup experience. Then we headed to a friend's flat in Adderly Street with a view of the buzzing crowds and fan park! We looked quite funny entering the fancy quiet lobby in all our gear but the receptionist was a great sport and we headed up to the 14th floor and watched Bafana score the first goal of the World Cup 2010.

I can't wait for more days like this one!

It's time for Africa!!

Today is the start of the Soccer World Cup 2010. And I'm right in it!! This will be short as we are about to head to the train station to join the crowds celebrating in town. Last night the concert in Soweto was amazing!! Shakira rocked our worlds! My thoughts are with Mandela. Condolences and thanks for all you've done for this country. We love you Madiba! Enjoy everyone!!