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A Simpler Kinda Life on Rosi's Farm

I have been meaning to share these for a while. They are pictures I took whilst staying on my dear friend Ros's farm in Sedgefield, near Knysna. There's something so nostalgic for me about farms. I spent a good part of my childhood on my grandparents' farm in Zimbabwe, riding my bike for hours, on dusty roads, through fields and bush, sitting by the dam pondering everything and nothing, listening to the birds and feeling so far away from any form of hustle, bustle and stress.Rosi's farm is gorgeous. It felt more "English" than the farms in Zim but it still gave me that wonderful sensation of calm and escaping from city pressures for a while. We had a fabulous time, laying on the deck on the lake, having hot showers outside with a view of the hills and fields, walks along the long dusty roads and tea in the sun outside.

Where we slept... Niiiice :)

Nostalgia right here people...

And how perfect is this little still life?

Sunshine through the trees and hanging moss suggesting stillness... and age... rolling stones... a new saying is in there somewhere... "Leave me alone to gather some moss damnit!"

*Sigh* Take me hooommme country rooaad! To a plaaacce I beloooong! West of Sedgfield, south of Knysna... Take me hooomme, country roooaad! Cough cough ahem... anyway, twas a lovely getaway and chance to look back and be grateful for my wonderful childhood. Over and out*