Yuppiechef - Digital design

During my time with Yuppiechef, we worked in a team to release a weekly email newsletter called “Hot Products”. Each emailer had a theme, from coffee or Mexican food to the more general, Latest Products. I worked on banners for these newsletters according to a set style, which changed along with the re-design of the website in early 2013. The older style had a much more bold, pink brush script font, while the newer versions are much cleaner with Helvetica, subtle overlays and flat vectors.

Here are some examples of the newsletters and banners I worked on. I learned a lot about the presentation of products to promote sales, specials, layout and typography for online marketing.

A favourite part of my job at Yuppiechef was working on content for their online magazine, Spatula. We decided to put together moodboards monthly, sharing recipes from the magazine, kitchen tools and seasonal foods to inspire readers. With a vast collection of beautiful images, tools and recipes, this project was a pleasure.

Photo credit: Andrea Van Der Spuy

The brief for this project was to design unique social icons to represent the various ways that customers could interact with Yuppiefchef online. With the company focused mainly on kitchen tools and food at that stage, I illustrated icons as just that, with the social media logos as part of the tools. Here, among others, you can see a Le Creuset pot representing facebook and a tomato as Pinterest, combined in a banner for the site.

YC Social banner

One of the ways Yuppiechef interacts with its customers is through online competitions utilising social media, and often encouraging creativity from those who enter, from cookery to riddles. Here are banner examples for a couple of these competitions which ran in 2012 and 2013.

YC Cake pop challenge